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After thanking you for your invaluable time spent perusing the information set out below, we will now explain the activities that CML Bolsa places at your disposal.

As we know, the usual way of investing in the regulated financial markets is through purchasing shares in publicly traded securities or through investments made in futures based on international indices, currencies or raw materials, etc. Or, on the other hand, by carrying out transactions through third parties (Investment Funds, Portfolio Managers or others).

However, since the private investor usually lacks knowledge about how to obtain profit from their investments in this business, they often choose to place their capital in the hands of others (Investment Funds, Managers, etc.).

The option of placing your capital in third party hands so they carry out the investment does not strike us as wrong, so long as the investor receives every year in return sufficient profits. But if that is not the case, as often happens, we would advise you to act on your own behalf, as this will be the best way to invest and locate your funds.

Therefore, we place at your disposal through the means described below:



If you invest in shares on the stock exchange, either through investment funds or by taking part in the market directly, it is highly recommended that one of our experts analyse, in your presence, any loss-making stocks within your portfolio. By so doing, you will gain an understanding as to why these transactions are negative and how to avoid them in the future.



To invest in futures based on international indices or other similar instruments, we will send you or your managers daily messages telling you where, when and how to invest in each of the selected instruments and at what point to close those investments. Before this, the person or persons in charge of carrying out the investment transactions will be trained to use the operating platform allowing these transactions to be undertaken.

Carrying out these transactions will require approximately 10 minutes per day.

The capital allocated to the investment will always be deposited in the investor's account and in no case in that of CML Bolsa.


The procedure regarding receiving recommendations for investing in stock exchange securities, will be the same as that described above, although these recommendations are not usually daily, but on an as and when required basis according to movements in the markets.



With the cooperation of one of the most experienced teams of financial trainers and researchers in the international arena (that of Professor Lasvignes), we can provide those who may be interested with training in the use of different high-performance transaction techniques.

This team of researchers has trained, since 1996, more than three thousand private and professional investors in this field, among whom are Chairs of publicly traded companies, Chairs and/or general directors of companies with different corporate aims, capital operators from various financial bodies, Managers, Brokers and Financial Advisors.

Training characteristics:

This training consists of learning how to use different demonstrably efficient transaction techniques before applying them to the real market, so that by using them continuously profitable investment transactions are undertaken.

By applying these techniques (which can be used with any instrument described above), the investor will have the chance to obtain profit from their investments, whether the trend regarding the investment instrument concerned is bullish, or bearish.

The services set out in this report, are aimed exclusively at high capitalisation investors, whether these are Private Investors, Portfolio Managers, Financial Institutions, Investment Funds or similar.

Summary information about CML Bolsa:

CML Bolsa started its financial activities in 1990, developing at different stages the following roles:

  • Own fund operators (1990).
  • Training of private investors and professional capital operators (since 1996).
  • Investment recommendations (1998).
  • •Supplying quotation data for preparing price graphs (1996 to 2000).
  • Financial analysis of Equities and Futures.
  • Stockbrokers linked to Consors (BNP Paribas). Siaga Securities Agency. Interactive Brokers through managing movable property (since 1998).
  • Researching transaction techniques for investing in securities and international futures (1990 to present).

If these services are of interest to you, please kindly contact CML Bolsa: cml@cmlbolsa.es or 00 34 91 436 28 74.

Profit obtained with Futures recommendations for 1 contract:

Meaning of Excel columns in attached file:

A. Traded instrument’s acronym.

B. Dates.

C. Annual profit in points.

D. Amount of profit and loss points taking place in each session (both
in long and short positions).

E. Sum of points.

F. Sum of profit converted into the corresponding currency. The figure by which you have to multiply the number of points accrued in order to obtain the profit in the corresponding currency appears at the beginning of this column.

G. Risk assumed per transaction (the largest of the series of continued payments per contract over the last two years).

H: Total profit obtained, in the years stated in the report before commission.

I. Profit percentage based on capital risk (the highest series of continual losses per contract).

The profit is extracted by taking as reference the greatest capital risk assumed in the last two years. That is, the largest series of continuous payments that have taken place during those last two years, since in reality, that is the only risk that has been assumed each time any transaction has been carried out.

To observe the profit obtained for some Futures instruments about which we produce Investment Recommendations:


CML Bolsa has a highly qualified team formed by international professionals with experience in this field in order to meet the requirements of even our most demanding clients. Do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to assist you.


D. Carlos Lasvignes


D. David Fernández Madrid


Dña. Natalia Velea


Velázquez, 27, 1º, Ext. Izq.
28001 Madrid (Spain)
Phone: 00 34 91 436 28 74

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